Videos & Tutorials

This series of TiMax video tutorials should be viewed in full screen HD if possible, so click on the Quality icon at the bottom of the video window (it looks like a gear wheel, and doesn't appear until after play is initiated) and select 1080p HD, then click the rectangle at the lower right to select full screen.


1. The Soundhub Mixer

This introduction covers the TiMax input and output mixers, including parametric EQs, metering, linking and grouping channels, solos and mutes, as well as using the matrix to establish, save, and recall image definitions for each input.




2. Files & Cues

An introduction to creating show files, audio files, and cues.




3. Cues & the Timeline

Topics include updating cues and snapshots, renumbering cues, navigating and zooming views in the Timeline editor, dragging files from the PC or Mac directly onto Timeline tracks, snapping various time properties of audio files to the play cursor, looping sounds, and dragging image definitions to sounds in the Timeline.




4. Cue Triggers & Timeline Events

Topics include time-based panning of playback tracks or live inputs; setting, copying and pasting volume profiles; cue triggers; and event tools in the Timeline tool palette, including Go/Stop Cue, Stop Continuous Looping, MTC Generator Output, Send MIDI Message, and Show Clock Start/Stop.




5. System & Utilities

Using the system preset; show files and show archives; importing EQ and Image libraries; CSV Image Definition export and import; Unit menu, preferences, clocking, TiMax Files Directory; system software and firmware; XML viewer.




6. Looping Sound in the Timeline Editor

Loops of different lengths can be programmed at different times on any or all of the SoundHub's playback tracks. Loops can each repeat at their own rate, or continuously until a Stop command is issued. In this video tutorial, we'll loop a section of an ambient cricket track while an unlooped bird track of pretty birds plays alongside it.




7. PanSpace

The PanSpace interface makes it easy to pan live tracks and sound effects around a jpg image of the auditorium or performance space in real time or as pre-programmed cues. This video also includes a sample show being built in PanSpace, the Timeline editor, and in the Soundhub mixer.




8. Out Board's Dave Haydon Presents TiMax

Equipment review site Harmony Central caught up with Out Board director Dave Haydon at the 2012 Frankfurt Musikmesse for a quick tour of TiMax2 Soundhub and TiMax Tracker.